Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Judy's Hive 6 Block for Sept!

This was a fun one and I love how all 4 look together! I made you 2, and I'll send you a couple extra hsts and scraps. :) I hope you like them! I'm so sorry for the awful picture, my good camera is on the fritz, so I'm stuck with my phone camera.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hive 7 September Block

Hive 7 Block September

Oh my where has this year gone ! September already ( actually so close to October I can see it !)

Loved this block. The colours and the random use of HST - got the kids involved they had to choose which block to use next. And now the three of them want one each.... any idea how many HST I need to trim !!!!

This block is in the mail today.

Hive 8 - September Block

Foundation paper piecing isn't really my jam, which is probably the cause for this month's procrastination. Better late than never though! I'll get back on track for October, promise!

Enjoy the block, Jennifer...I'm excited to see how your quilt comes together!


Hive 3 - September Block for Emily

I struggled with this block, really really struggled. Not making the block that was very easy, but deciding on a theme. I suck at applique, so I knew adding something to my block was a no go, so I wanted a theme. But I"m not a big novelty fabric person and the first theme I thought of that I knew I had fabric to use was "monkeys" and she had done that as her sample.  So I was talking to my sister and she reminded me of the a quilt she made that used Texas and western fabrics. I started digging through the left overs and found enough to make my block. Emily did say anything goes and I hope she meant it.  I really like the block, and it was fun once I found the fabrics.

From the blocks I've seen so far, I think Emily is going to end up with a very cute quilt, and I can't wait to see it finished. I am headed to the post office to drop this off later this afternoon, so hopefully she will have it soon.

Hive 3 September

It took me forever to start on my block this month. Once I started I had a great time. I can't wait to see what your bookshelf looks like.  Every month I have trouble adding my photo.  Off to drawing board to try again.

My theme was ocean and whales.  I will be sending out today.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hive 5 blocks for Cheryl

This was a quick and fun block to sew-if one's sewing machine doesn't break after cutting everything out! Sorry they took so long to get to you, Cheryl. This will be a fun quilt when assembled. Enjoy it in October! I mailed this off today.

I hope all are having a beautiful Autumn. It is absolutely beautiful here in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains!


Hive 8 September Block for Jennifer

OK, I know I am late this month. My life was not my own the last four weeks. I hope things will turn slowly back to normal now, so that the Queen of October will receive her block faster than Jennifer her's this month. =)

Hail Queen Jennifer, here you trail of geese. I hope it suits. I have tried to keep it interesting but now I fear, it might have turned out too experimental. Jennifer any thoughts?

I mailed the block on: 27/09/16

Hive 4: September Block for Gayle

Hello all.  I really enjoy how this block looks.  The combo of pink & turquoise is fantastic.  When I was photographing my block the turquoise parts look more blue than they are. I tried different lighting and couldn't get it to true to color. Sorry. I think my iphone settings are wonky.

Anyway. Thanks Gayle for a great color combo and block choice.

September Hive 5 - Black Cats for Cheryl

Thank goodness I have a month to get my act together.  Because that's how long it took, hoping Cheryl doesn't take it personally.  Certainly had nothing to do with these cute cat blocks, they're adorable.  I used some chemistry fabric on a couple of them and I think they turned out pretty interesting and unusual.  Finished them at midnight last night, fitting for a bunch of black cats.

In the bright morning sun today tried to snap a photo of my old crabby orange cat Dusty with your blocks with limited success.  He wasn't impressed, but then again he never is.

Should be able to post these today as I picked up a USPS envelope earlier in the month.

Thanks for a great tutorial, I enjoy Elizabeth Hartman's blog.  Your quilt is going to be AWESOME and I look forward to seeing the finish.

Susan Pray

Hive 5 Crash

I forgot to add a hive crash when I posted earlier.  I crashed Hive 5 for Cheryl.  How can you resist those cute Kitties.  Made a couple of blocks to go with her litter this month. Easy and Fun. Also, great photo of Sophie and all the other cats.