Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hive 6 blocks for Emily

Trying this again.  I've been trying to post on this blog for 2 days now.
Hopefully I've got it all figured out.

Hive 6 Block for Emily

Happy Sunday!

I'm Laura and this is my very first year in Stash Bee  and  I live in Manitoba, Canada..just outside the city of Winnipeg.
I'm looking forward to getting to know some new quilting friends as the year progresses.

Here are my January tree blocks for Emily....I hope it fits into your design!

If you were to visit me here in Manitoba i would probably take you see the Royal Canadian Mint in of the two locations in canada where our currency is minted. Of course i would also take you to Oma's Quilt Shop ..located on a rural property where you would never expect to find a quilt shop, but run by one of the most supportive and enthusuastic quilters in our area. It's a great shop and Oma is a gem.

Till next month,

Hive 6 block for Emily

These are my blocks for Emily for January.  I had more trouble figuring how to post than anything.  It's all good now.

If you come to Waverly Emily, I'd have to plan a trip to historic downtown Chillicothe.  Lot's of interesting things to see.

Hive 8 Block for Abigail

I am sorry for the terrible pic! :-(

But this is my block for Abigail. All the coloured fabrics are from my scrap bin :-)

Stash Bee Blocks for Hive 2

These "daddy" hearts (as my two year old calls them because they are big) should be on their way to you.  It will be a lovely quilt when it is done!

Hive 9 crashing

A little house block for Tanyia!
This block goes together super fast.

Tanyia and I were bee-mates in 2016!  
I'm happy to share another block with you my friend!

Hive 5 Crashing

When I saw Katie's Checker block I knew I had to crash it!
I remember seeing this block in Stash Bee 2016 and loved it then.

It's such an easy block to do!
I am seriously considering this block for my charity quilt group.

PS.  I love your color choices, Katie!  Looking forward to seeing this one finished!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hive 7, January 2017

I just finished Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt. All these strips are left over from the quilt. I love the blocks. They should look great all together

2017, January, Hive #5 Katie's Block

Hello Ladies!
This is my first time in Stash Bee. I found out about this community thanks to my quilty friend Katrin (who is now in Hive 4).
Here is my January block for our Hive Mama Katie. Instructions are very clear and easy to follow.
I made some blocks from The Bee Hive before, but not this one. Hope you will like it Katie!

I choose AGF's fabrics (light and dark gray), gray Blueberry Park from RK, and yellow dots from RB. That is all I remember ;)
I will mail it on Monday!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Hive 5 - January Blocks

So excited for my 4th year in Stash Bee!  Here are my blocks for January.

Katie asked for gray and yellow Checker blocks.  It was too easy to make a second block since the method makes 2 HSTs in each size so there's a bonus block as well.

I hope you like them, Katie!