Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hive 5 - April

These blocks were quick, so quick in fact, that I had them completed the first day of the tutorial.  I may have been quick with the sewing, but I'm behind in packaging and mailing.  Off to the post office I will go tomorrow.
(This photo is not the best - oops!)

Aprill Hive 2 Bee block for Brenda

Brenda asked for a flock of  birds. We used paper piecing, which I have done plenty of, but realize it's not my most enjoyable technique, but I got her done. :)  I also do not have a stash of batiks and am glad I found this piece. I based my colors of the bird off of the batik so it would be harmonious. I am happy to say I think he turned out pretty good!  Funny thing is  I took a knitting class on how to knit birds yesterday and have been delighting in the birds that are fluttering and feeding on my newly established bird feeding area my husband created for me. So yes, it's been a month of feathery friends. Prefect block for a time as this.

 I hope you enjoy this block, looks like you will have a happy flock with the treasures I have been seeing in our hive. Happpy Spring!  

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Stash Bee Hive 2 for April

Here are a couple of birds to add to your flock Brenda!

I hope you enjoy your final quilt.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Nine patch in a nine pach in a nine patch for Irene

Queen Irene created a nine patch in a nine patch in a nine patch block for the quilt to go on her new bed!  She asked for soft grays.  I didn't have much that fit that bill, but I took the excuse to visit my quilt shop! 

I hope you like it, Irene!  Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Emily, Hive 6

April Hive 4 Queen Rhonda Blocks

Rhonda,  I will be popping these beauties in the mail for you.  Want to keep them, but, you are the Queen!  Great choice of block.  It was fun!

Blocks for Rhonda, Hive Four

So, these blocks for Rhonda were super simple to sew up and I love using up random scraps in my scrap bin. I may sew a few more tonight as well - I mean, they only take a few minutes!! These will ship on Monday! 

A little Flock of Birds

I have completed my little flock of birds for Brenda. A fun little block to make using paper piecing one of my favourite techniques.

I hope you like them, I had great fun making them and I am looking forward to seeing them in a quilt, it is going to be fun.
Happy Quilting 
Sharon x

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hive 6 Irene's block

I wanted to make a 2nd block for Irene. So on my trip for Easter, I stopped for different grays. Here it is; ready to go. I will put the 2nblocksnin the mail.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hive 2 April Bird Blocks for Brenda

I may blog at Smiles from Kate but I certainly wasn't smiling at the thought of the dreaded paper piecing, and you see, I had a bit of trouble!  Familiar story for readers of my blog.  Would you believe it took me well over three hours to make one block?

Not to be beaten I had another go, and the second one was much faster.  I hope these blend in well with the rest of your flock Brenda, they will be winging their way to you this week.

With smiles from
Kate x

Hive 1 Star Block for T

I loved the colors T picked for her blocks this month.  Deep blue is one of my favorite colors to wear but I haven't sewn much with it, I think now I'll start!

I made two star blocks, the first one pretty simple and then one with a little more piecing. Hope you enjoy, T! ~ Greta